Managing Director- Martin Engineering India

Anup Nair

Q.1 Please tell us about the journey of Martin Engineering in India.

Martin Engineering has started in India in 2011 with a manufacturing venture in Goa. In 2014 shifted and started a state of the art  manufacturingfacility in Pune. Martin has been increasing the market presence constantly with the launch of innovative products.


Q.2 What are the products on offer by Martin Engineering & in which field those products are deployed?

Our main products are conveyor accessories and flow aid products. These are specialized and unique bulk material handling products used in the process and efficiency improvements.


Q.3 Construction industry of India is facing a slowdown as a result of economic slowdown. What are your views?

It does not affect us directly as our products are used usually by large companies like cement plants and steel plants who need these for improvement of their efficiencies and cost reduction.


Q.4 How Martin Engineering products are different from other manufacturers, what are your USPs?

We do not have much of direct competition. We are the pioneers in bulk material handling industry. Our USPs are the unmatched product quality and our value added after sales services.


Q.5 How much potential you see in the Indian construction industry?

There is a great potential as the government is planning more than 100 Lakh crores in the infrastructure, housing for all by 2022 etc. This will fuel the demand in the next five years.


Q.6 India is a cost sensitive market, how Martin is facing this aspect of market?

We do not sell on price. Our success is the exceptional product quality,unmatched technical expertise and the best after sales service. Our brand promise is ‘Problem Solved Guaranteed’. We ensure the customer gets peace of mind in the areas that were pain points before the introduction of Martin’s products. While Indian customers are cost sensitive, they look for value for money and are ready to pay little extra for the better quality. Indian customers are becoming more and more aware that the increased efficiencies pay the investments back in terms of increased productivity and safety.


Q.7 How you fulfill the service requirements of the customers?

We have dealers and our own Field Service Engineers who proactively meet the customers and ensure customer satisfaction. We generate a ‘Problem Solved Paper’ which is a testimonial, indicating the situations before and after the installation of Martin Products.


Q.8 What are your future expansion plans for Indian market? How Indian market is different from other markets?

Indian Market has a high potential and is  geographically vast. We would be strengthening our dealership network through out India to ensure product and service availability closer to our customers. Indian market cannot take every product available with Martin at this stage, its in a nascent stage.