Marketing Head-Fine Equipments India Pvt Ltd.


Q.1 Fine Equipments India is in the market from 2002, please share your journey till now.

Fine is a renowned name in the field of construction, demolition, Road and industrial equipment. We started as a trading company in 2002, Our Range of products is well established in the market now, after gaining a valuable 15 years’ experience in handling multiple products basket and trust of customers. We gained the confidence that we can be a manufacturing company, and we started our journey with manufacturing various Capital Equipments and Utility Equipments as well as attachments such as Fine Motor Grader, Skid Steer Loader, Fi Rock Breaker, assembling of water treatment plant  and so on at our Shirwal Location factory.


Q.2 Please tell us about the product bucket of Fine Equipments.

Fine deals in Excavator Attachment Rock Breaker, Quick Coupler and other various Attachments, Mini Excavators, Motor Grader, Crushing & Screening Machineries , Sand Wash Plant,  Water Treatment Plant, Industrial Motors, vibrators  and many more . Recently we started dealing in Fine Truck Mounted Cranes in India and soon we are coming up with Fine Skido – Skid steer Loader.


Q.3 Tell us about your Fine Motor Grader?

With an extensive customer feedback Fine Equipments has introduced a brand new FMG170 Motor Grader to meet the needs and demands of the growing infrastructure industry in the nation. The FINE FMG170 is designed to combine the attributes of productivity, operator friendliness, reliability and ease of service in a quality package. The FMG170 is powered with Cummins 173Hp engine which is ideal as it produces the required torque at low engine speeds delivering responsiveness and fuel efficiency. The ZF transmission has been selected to optimize the engine performance and enhance overall fuel efficiency by matching engine power to the application. 12 feet Wide blade is considered as the most stable grading platform in the industry.  The structural design of the grader helps the grader to achieve the maximum blade down force and drawbar pull rates. With a spacious AC Cabin, operator environment of the FMG170 motor grader meets the demand for safety, comfort and productivity. A big 17.5-25 tyre provides greater grip and better traction. Overall FMG 170 contributes significantly to productivity, cost saving and quick project completion which is beneficial for FMG Owner.


Q.4 What do you think about the special utility equipments in Indian Market?

There’s a rising market for Special Utility Equipments especially Mini Excavators. The demand is steadily shifting from backhoe loaders to Mini Excavators because of its awareness and emergence of various applications. Government schemes such as Nal Jal Yojana, Gas Pipeline Work, Drainage Work, Landscaping work, agriculture and so on are also helping to tend the customers towards Mini Excavator. Its compactness and robustness and efficiency have turned out to be the driving factors of it. Another advantage is that it helps to reduce manpower which ultimately helps in reducing costs and completing the work faster. As mentioned earlier Fine is associated with Takeuchi a Japanese brand to sell their Mini Excavators in India. 

FINE- Mini excavator delivers outstanding performance and versatility, MINI TB219, and TB235, are some of Takeuchi's most popular conventional tail swing excavators.  These platforms feature spacious operator stations, automotive-styled interiors, and smooth powerful hydraulic systems that combine for superior operator comfort and precise control that outperforms the competition.  The excellent breakout forces, reach and lifting capacities provide maximum productivity making them a great choice for the most demanding applications. Truck Mounted Cranes and Mini Crawler cranes are emerging utility equipment which gives ease to material handling, transportation, construction, land escaping, rail road work, highway maintenance electrical work and many more. Fine UNIC mini-crawler crane is perfect lifting equipment that enables to meet wide variety of applications and ideal tools to support lifting works wherever access is restricted or working space is confined. Its excellent accessibility and flexibility will make many labour-intensive lifting operations be easier, safer and faster. Also as per market need Fine is working on Skid Steer Loader and we’ll soon launch our SKIDO - Skid Steer Loader into the markets.


Q.5 What is your USPs which makes you different from other manufacturers?

Fine Equipments prominently works on Research and Development. A special R&D team works on to know the emerging trends and technologies of our Industry.The advanced features and the modern technologies used in our products give a unique identity to usFine’s consistent growth and success has also been built on the foundation of the company’s ability to understand customers’ needs and provide equipment alongside service that increases profitability and competitiveness. Our equipments are well known for their high endurance, greater productivity, high standards of safety, environment friendly and a great operating comfort. We never compromise in the quality of the product while manufacturing any equipment which helps the Products have the ability to endure in any demanding operating conditions.


Q.6 How Fine Equipments is working on after sales service of their products?

Fine Equipments has always emphasized more on after sales support. Our tagline itself quotes ‘Raising Benchmarks of after Sales Support’. Our highly pro-active service network covers entire India which helps us to serve the customer at remote locations with ease and cheer .We are armed with a highly certified & trained service engineers who help us in rendering a great quality of Service to the Customer. Also a pan-India dealer network gives us the added advantage in reaching out to the customers’ quickly. Each dealer is well stocked with Fine Genuine Spares. Fine takes an extra effort in training their service professionals with the changes updated in product accordingly.

The FINE Service team possesses a wide range of expertise that is adaptive to current as well as future challenges and their actions seek to achieve growth in all spectra.

Fine Equipments is well known for After SalesSupport. As we are able to provide such efficient service our brand loyalty as well as repeat orders from the customers are consistently increasing.


Q.7 What is your long term plan for the market? Where do you foresee yourself in coming future?

Fine has been making sustainable progress and driving positive change everywhere around the world.We want to be a company that can provide a definite solution to any kind of challenge pertaining to our industry .We foresee ourselves in becoming a global leader in strategies, innovation, policies and products. Our thoroughly experienced executive team leads the vision and mission of FINE so as to achieve our short term and long term goals.Having a multigenerational workforce is leading to increased employee engagement, where the energy and passion of our employees gets channelized in the right direction.We are striving to provide the best in class products and services that surpass customer expectations.Overall we believe that Fine will reach its vision because of the long term & mutually beneficial relationships we have with all who are associated with us.