Sales Manager- India Secmair-Breining (FAYAT GROUP)

Nitesh Jangir

Q1. Please enlighten us about success of Breining.

Breining has been in the business of road maintenance for more than 100 years and our name is synonymous with road building and renovation, in terms that are both innovative and technically well thought out.Every year, in partnership with our clients, our engineers develop tomorrow’s technology for high productivity and profitability. Reliable machines coupled with excellent service support sets us high from other on the market. 


Q2. Enlighten us about your products and services for road and highway industry.

On India market we offer slurry pavers also known as micro surfacing machine, cold emulsion pothole repair machine& road crack sealing equipment. There are more than 20 micro surfacing machines working on different project sites across India enhancing the pavement life and making roads safe for the users. 

The cold emulsion pothole repair on the other are a must for Indian market given the fact that there has been a steep rise in the casualties’ due potholes after rains. This mobile unit has the storage for aggregates and emulsion, the placement boom makes inline uniform coating of aggregates with emulsion thereby spreading the new mix consistently at very high speeds reducing the time to repair the pothole. 


Q3. How the new govt. schemes for roads construction are affecting the roads and highways equipment industry?

The government is highly focused on the quality of roads being constructed for past few years. Not just aesthetically pleasing roads but ones that are safe to drive at high speeds and environmentally sustainable is the need of the hour. A very high number of projects announced in the past few years hold the contractor responsible for maintenance and performance parameters for a sufficiently long time thereby requiring a contractor to invest in high quality equipment at all the stages of the road construction and maintenance. 


Q4. What are the USPs of Secmair products? How your products are different from other manufacturers?

We bring European technologies on Indian market that has been proven worldwide for performance, productivity and profitability. 

Our slurry paver is designed to work with all kinds of emulsion i.e slow setting, rapid setting. Arm paddles ensure homogenous mixing of slurry on both the ends of screeds even at high temperatures.

A rotary vane compressor generates high pressure air in storage tanks to deliver emulsion, water and additive to the mixer thereby eliminating the need of pumps for these material and reducing maintenance requirement. 

The screed is highly maneuverable with infinitely variable paving width ranging from 2.5 to 4 meter. This also makes the screed safe for ongoing traffic during transportation from camp site to job site.

Breining service engineers are highly skilled for training the customer crew in machine operations, routine upkeeping & trouble shooting. We have a complete stock of wear & tear parts and emergency parts at the Marini India Factory in Sanand and supply to our customers in less than 24 hours when required. 

Over the years we have acquired expertise in job site organization, material mix design and job execution too which distinguishes us highly from the competition. 

There is no distributor/dealer for sales neither any third party for service or parts making us indeed close to our customers. We have made significant investments in India over past few years and will continue to make in future too, we are here to stay.


Q5. What are your future plans for the Indian market? Where does Breining foresee itself in coming years?

We exist only if our customers prosper, we have incorporated values as these in our work culture. Breining is already the market leader in micro surfacing machine, we look forward to strengthening our position in this area. We are also investing time & money in research and development to make road maintenance equipment adapted for Indian market and make inroads in new segment.