Director Sales & Service | LiuGong India Pvt. Ltd.

Nischal Mehrotra

LiuGong, as a group always participated in CSR activities. It is near to the Indore, pithampur plant we adopted a small village and in that particular village. Our company has constructed their primary school in which we are providing water facility and other basic necessities. We always want to promote education for the poor children.  


Q. Update us about the current status as well as the succeeding plans of LiuGong?

Right now, In India we are in wheel loaders and graders from the last 10 years. From last year, we introduced compactor & excavators. For next year we have a plan to introduce the full range of excavators from India.


Q. What are the latest innovations and technologies you introduced in your products?

India is lot of fiscal deficit, there because we have to import the oil. My earning team is basically working on how to reduce this fuel consumption for the equipment’s and in China we have the joint venture with the comings. We have developed new engines VSL 9.3 and after using that particular engine fuel, consumption of 5 tonnes of wheel loaders is reduced by at least 15-17 % and that’s a great comfort to all of my customers and for the nation also. So, our full focus is on how to reduce fuel consumptions for our equipment’s as well as safety of operators. We always value the human life and comfort. So, in our all machines KVS, OPS, SOPS and air condition cables are also there. As well as for engine site, power drill site we are coming up with this new engine what we are using in the excavators as well as in our wheel loaders.


Q. How do you look at the government policies that influence LiuGong?

The processes are same for the entire manufacturing world. After GST I feel there is a comfort in the business earlier we face “n” number of problems, machines got struggled there some of the border of Kerala, sometimes in Karnataka how to communicate with this. There have been always a problem but after GST this problem is almost sort-out or Resolved. We appreciate the step GST.


Q. Does LiuGong have any initiatives towards CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)?

Always...! LiuGong, as a group always participated in these types of activities. It is near to the Indore, pithampur plant we adopted a small village and in that particular village we have constructed their primary school in which we are providing the water facility and other basic necessities. We always want to promote education for the poor children. Last year, there was a major flood in Chennai. We have given our machines to them. They use them for at least three months.


Q. Is there any rental process for your products?

As we signed the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Government of India, when we came to the country. We cannot go for the rental business but we support our dealers on the behalf of LiuGong , my dealers are doing all the rental business in all regions.


Q. What are your future plans?

Indian market is majorly depends on Backhoe loaders and excavators, If you have these two products and you will get reputation in the market. Till now we are working on niche market of motor grader and loader; there we are in top 3. Now our target is to establish ourselves into the excavators also.


Q. What is your market reach in India as well as globally?

Across the world, we have business in 140 countries and in India we have 19 dealers with the competitors’ in every state at least one dealer is available. States like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamilnadu Tamil Nadu and Chennai which are big and there we have 2 dealers. Otherwise, generally in every state we have one dealer.


Q. What are the major challenges LiuGong confronts frequently?

Initially some challenges were their when we have started the business in India because we had the tag of “made in China” or something “Chinese product”. After working for such a long term of 10 years in India and as we have the plant in India. Now, customer trusts on LiuGong and we can say that only trust was there. Because except the one or two Chinese faces all Indian staff was there. Our manufacturing plant is in Pithampur, Indore. So we are providing the employment to the locals also, lot of engineers was working over there, belonging from the locals, thus we are generating employment. We have the government policy ‘Make in India’, further we don’t want to go for import everything from China. We initiates like we make policies for making the product in India as per the feedback from the market we did the certain changes and later on achieve. Same discipline we followed in the making of Loaders, Graders, and Compactors and now we are implementing the same thing in the Excavators. Our each and every product should be ‘Make in India’ only and that is our aim. Then we want to make India as an exporter, from where we want to export our machines to all south countries as well as in the future to the Middle-East and South East Asia also. We were the first country from China who set up the manufacturing plant in India.