General Manager - OE Sales | Balkrishna Industries Ltd.

Ashok P. Chhajer

BKT is acquired with a wide product range of tyres i.e. tyres for the different applications, as it is already stated that BKT emerge out with around 160 new product ranges every year.



BKT is a tyre manufacturer which was established in the year 1988. Today We have our basket of more than 2700 SK use that is called Stock liming Units. Our export is almost 82% and exporting our products to more than 160 countries. Our Expertise is in beside the bias tyres also lies in radial tyres for agriculture applications and all steel India tyres for construction equipments and mining equipments, that includes wheel loaders, dump trucks and many more. Today as far as the product range is concerned and any name of CE equipment, you will find further that it is available with us. For example, now high speed and higher capacity cranes we are going to add in the domestic market and we already have that product in our basket.


Sort of Projects done in past and the future focus

According to us the future is Radialization. Like 30 or 40 years ago, we majorly focused on truck tyres, it was all biased tyres, today it is all about radial tyres , so we are very much optimist that in future, the business of radialization will go high, higher and highest. Since we are working only on the radial tyres, all our further developments will majorly on the radial tyres, but it doesn’t mean that we are not developing the biased tyres, depending on the volumes, depending on the market, we are taking the decisions but majorly focused on developing the all steel radial tyres, as radial technology is different with that of biased technology which is much advanced technology than that of biased tyres technology.

For example today we all are visiting BC India, anywhere we visit and we are observing and focusing majorly on higher technologies and innovations as well, so it is necessary to focus on fast technology.


Services Provided by BKT to its costumers

In Tyre industry, being tyre is a proprietary item, so we try to supply the tyres to the nearest dealer, so that in case of any sort of customer dissatisfaction or any problem, he can approach to the costumer without any further late, unease and will coordinate with BKT either at its Branch office or at Head office.


Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We actively participate in the corporate social responsibility (CSR), like blood donation camp is a very regular feature of our organization, our management is very much concerned for promoting the girls education, so we do provide free laptops for the sake of girls education. Also we contribute in hospitalization, Thus management did lot of initiatives in participating the corporate social responsibility in multiple ways from time to time.


BKT extent across the globe

In Europe, we are very much prominent, since BKT is a well renowned brand. In India we have a wide spread channel of radial tyres. In the sector of construction equipment we are at a very strong position .The second most prominent part where our grasp is vigorous is North America, and this is the reason we are planning to set up the new tyre manufacturing plant in North America within two or three years from now.


Ways BKT is pacing the step forward

We are working continuously, if you look at the history of BKT, then it will be apparent that we are considering many aspects like wear and tear, along with preceding the present business, also considering the future requirements and as an advance step, will come out with the product to meet the future need. We are producing on an average more than 160 products every year and that factor gives us edge to retain our position and name in the market.


Major Strengths of BKT

BKT is acquired with a wide product range of tyres i.e. tyres for the different applications, as it is already stated that BKT emerge out with around 160 new product ranges every year. Moreover a good number of manpower, Radialization, at the same time we cannot neglect our Research and Development team, all the mentioned factors contributes to our major strengths.


Bauma Conexpo Texture

As a whole we can say that it is all satisfactory. We interacted with most of our customers, describe our product there. One important thing to state here is that we have seen costumers from Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka beside the North India. This place lies in North India so everyone will try to participate as much as they can, as it will be favorable for them to come and participate but coming from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Gujarat as well is not a fact of ignorance. They have taken the pain to reach here. This effort reflects their strong will of coming and knowing about whatever is new till now.