Director | Quest Informatics Private Limited

Shubhamangala Rudresh

Quest Informatics has an experience of serving the fortune 500 and large domestic player’s and stands a great stead against any competition, domestic or international. Also, our company is an integrated player: we offer consulting, products, services and support to our clients.


Q. How can Introduction of mobile applications help the Construction Equipment Industry?

India is the 2nd largest mobile subscriber market in the world. Digitization’s that are practical and implementable have a high demand in this market. Construction equipment companies in India are looking at new age solutions similar to what Quest informatics offers, which can co-exist with legacy ERP systems to address the gap in data accuracy on-time along with machine and people connectivity, with extensive usage of smart phones by population in the country, the introduction of high internet availability, good cloud infrastructure, Indian market is very much ready for such automations and OEM’s are willing to leverage these benefits. In the recent past aftermarket digital solutions are helping our customers strategize on their growth with most accurate information and at the right time. Construction Equipment’s Manufacturers, Material Handling OEM’s, Truck Manufacturers, heavy Equipment manufacturers demand for aftermarket mobile solutions is only going to rise. Clients across industries are looking at firsthand information which is directly fed into the mobile apps so that decision making is quick, with real time data flowing into systems. Gone are the days where customers are looking at opening laptops and PC’s in remote places to update information that are necessary for quick decision making. Approvals and other formalities happen in a few clicks and processes are more becoming simplified these days. From the adaptation of mobile solutions the industry is benefiting in all aspects.


Q. What are the new tweaks that you have done to your offerings keeping constant focus on productivity, efficiency, and economy for your customers?

Quest Informatics Aftermarket Digital solutions covers, Equipment Manufacturers, Dealerships/Retailers, Customer and other stakeholders our portfolio includes consulting, products and services.

Data driven and proactive decisions: our solutions help clients get current and accurate data/information from all stages and stakeholders. Whether it is about Customers, Machines, Dealers/Retailers, Service Teams, Parts Team, Sales Team, the decision makers are working with live data and basing their decision on hard facts.

Predictive analytics: Access to right and longitudinal information allows our clients to conduct predictive analysis and initiate proactive next steps to enhance customer experience.

Flexible Deployment models: Depending on CapEX and OpEx budgets of customer, can choose Subscription models or Ownership models or BOT model based on customer comfort.

Quick Deployment: Strong Business Domain built in the products makes it possible for early deployment and see results from the solution implemented.

Efficiency, Time, Cost, Quality: Streamlined Processes, Workflow and connectivity to Customer, Machine and other stakeholders shall provide company executives focus on their core business, products and services, Solutions shall benefit in reduction on resources, cost benefits in travel, communication, time, training, First time right thus bring in Quality and Efficiency.

After Market Services: After Market services Parts/Service Helpdesk/Contact Centre, Parts Catalogue Maintenance, Technical Publication activities in Service Manuals, Method and Time study, Owner Manual, Operator Manual etc. helps our customers to focus on their core business and outsource to us.


Q. How do you look at the availability of advanced IT Solutions for construction equipment in the current market scenario?

Quest Informatics advanced IT solutions offers solutions which can be deployed on Web/Cloud, Mobile/Hand Held Devices; customers can choose to buy licenses (ownership), subscribe licenses (SaaS). Additionally, we also offer models like Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT). Few of our applications which are launched recently are Dealer Audit System, Dealer Tracking System, Logistics System, etc. Furthermore we have launched several Mobile Apps for our existing Products and also several unique and tailor made based on needs of our customers.


Q. What strategies do you address competitors in current scenario?

Quest Informatics has an experience of serving the fortune 500 and large domestic player’s and stands a great stead against any competition, domestic or international. Also, Quest Informatics is an integrated player: we offer consulting, products, services and support to our clients. Most of the competition is just end point product companies with implementation support provided by partners with IT knowledge and with limited domain/industry expertise.

Our strategy is to simply communicate to the market that we design the best and deliver as promised. We selectively participate in events where we are able to showcase new developments, inform and educate customers about new technology development and application and receive feedback in informal settings. We have invested in “thought leadership” seminars at Pune, Chennai, Rajkot and other cities to spread the industry best practices and new developments around aftermarkets. We have worked with industry associations, Chambers of commerce and institutions to spread the word.


Q. Tell us something about your Dealer Management System (DMS) experience, the market has been talking about your DMS for a long time?

Quest Dealer Management system (DMS) has been deployed for a number of customers in India North America and Europe managing their Service operations, Inventory and Sales. Quest DMS interfaces with multiple ERP systems so that accurate and current information is always available for entire supply chain (dealers), as well as customers. Claims handling and settlements are a part of the same system. Also features like special intimations to different stakeholders have been incorporated in the system so that regular updates are communicated. The system has the capability to predict parts consumption and service revenue for current and future decision making.

Quest Dealer Management system has been deployed in more than 200 dealerships as on today and dealers are managing their day to day operations in the system. Quest Dealer Management System is considered a great advantage by all its customers since it eases their day to day operations and gives them a bird’s eye view of their entire Aftermarket business.

Quest DMS can be deployed on Cloud/On-Premise model giving flexibility to our customer to manage based on their investment budgets, mobility extension provides the ability to get most data at quick time, Machine IoT data integration provides with most accurate and vital information for After Market business decision making through BI Analytics for providing Predictive and Proactive measures (Quest DMS seamlessly connects Process-People-Machines).


Q. How has 2018 been for Quest Informatics and what are you likely to expect from the industry in the upcoming years?

2018 has been a fairly good year for Quest Informatics, as we have seen the increase of client base by 40%, adding in customers from different verticals.

We are able to enter to new markets (Products) like Europe, North America with Major implementations underway of our After Market ERP and Dealer Management Systems, Post 2019 we expect to accelerate Product implementation across globe, on the services side we continue to work across geographies and grow at a healthy rate.