Managing Director | Mtandt Rentals Ltd.

Sanjay Khanna

Mtandt is crowned as India’s largest Aerial Work Platform Rental Company, which permits its manpower too wherever required and caters to almost all the industrial and infrastructure segments.


Q. Please brief us about the Mtandt Group.?

Mtandt Group is the leading provider of technology and solutions to diversified industry through manufacturing, distribution, renting, training and services. Mtandt is crowned as India’s largest Aerial Work Platform Rental Company and caters to almost all the industrial and infrastructure segments.


Q. What are various adaptations in the Mtandt’s portfolio?

Mtandt’s portfolio consists of Aerial work platforms, Material handling equipment, Mobile access platforms (Aluminium Scaffoldings), Equipment rental service, Fixed access and fall protection system, Ground protection mats, Fire and rescue trucks. Mtandt offers selling and distribution of equipment on a rental basis too and wherever manpower is required it permits its manpower also.


Q. In what way the rental market is taking its shape in India?

The rental market is a quite pre-mature market in India. Industries sublet equipment from the rental companies as it is not possible for them to keep all machines with them. And after getting their job done, usually fail to pay the amount on time for which they ultimately abuses the market. Moreover we are attempting to teach industries that in what ways relationships can be improved with the rental corporations.


Q. What are the major challenges which Mtandt confronts frequently?

One of the major challenges that Mtandt is facing now-a-days is not getting the money on time. It can be observed that whether it is the Real estate sector, Steel or cement industry, we are providing the rental services to all of them, so for selling the services it is needed to get the payments on time in order to meet the legal requirements timely. Since there is an initiative required from the side of government so that the recent feedback regarding payments may improve. This problem has become wider in the last six months.


Q. File the latest innovations and technologies you have introduced in your products?

We have done the good job in the same respect. The recently introduced mats enable to operate at those sites which are not favorable to operate at. These mats assist to operate when the ground is muddy or slushy, by placing the mats one can continue with the work without any further delay in the completion of the assigned task. The mats are having remarkable load bearing capacity and are available for both purposes, for subletting and for the purpose of selling. Moreover we are getting a fair response from the market, all the big customers like L&T, Afcons etc are acquiring them and satisfied with the product.


Q. How do you look at the government policies which affect Mtandt?

There are various steps which need to be taken in the right direction as it can be seen that there is a major mismatch between the policy makers and the executors. As infrastructure is a site oriented business so the person who is framing the policies should have accurate knowledge of what is happening outside, only then his policies can be reach with what is actually needed. It can also be observed that this problem is improving but still there is much improvement needed, reason behind the lack of knowledge, so it can be improved to be in line with the operating site.


Q. In what various ways Mtandt Group is contributing to sustainability?

We are conscious enough on the same. We have installed several smoke analyzing apparatus to meet the emission norms. We are trying to perceive wherever the waste can be recycled and making minimum use of papers in the office thus attempting to make paperless office and many more. Because it is the obvious need for us and for the generations to come. We also teach our customers from time to time to spread awareness among them.


Q. What was your experience of the recently attended event, BaumaConexpo India? To what extent it meet your expectations?

The overall experience is good, along with our customers, many new customers visited, enquired, try to understand the equipment and here the good thing is that anyone can get access to it. There was a lot for all of us to learn. We all know that in infrastructure sector, technology plays too prominent role and we can observe by our self also that the project which takes 2-3years in its completion previously, now with the advancement of technology it is possible to complete it in much lesser time. So in Bauma, we observe many walk in customers who are curious to know what the technology is and it is apparent that the adoption of technology is too good in India. Thus the experience of Bauma was overall a good one.