Brand Leader | CASE India

Ajay Aneja

Being a leading player in the construction equipment industry the onus is on to us to meet the growing demand by supplying quality and technologically advanced equipment which can help complete the projects efficiently. Responding to the occasion, we have introduced rage new products which help in to cut operational costs and prevent unplanned downtime.


Q. How is the market condition for Case Construction Equipment industry during the year 2018?

Growth in the first half of 2018 has been quite encouraging. Easy availability of finance, positive sentiments and replacement demand are the factors which helped the market grow. Riding on these factors, the construction equipment sale has increased by 33 per cent in the first half of 2018. With surge in sales of motor graders, compaction equipment range and loader backhoe, CASE India also saw a significant growth for first half 2018.

However, due to rainy season and elections in some states of the country, a similar growth trend may not be reflected in the second half of 2018. Still, robust demand for construction equipment is expected to propel the growth of 15 per cent in second half of 2018.


Q. Government’s ongoing projects for infrastructure upgradation include roads, bridges and others; what is your contribution for those projects?

The Indian government is taking every possible initiative in developing world-class new infrastructures as well as upgrades the existing ones. To meet the ambitious targets, the government allocated Rs.5.97 lakh crore for the sector in the union budget 2018-19. Simultaneously the government has focused on quick implementation of projects, financing and simplification of procedures for project awards and clearances.

The need of speedy completion of these projects has propelled the demand of the quality construction equipment.

The need of speedy completion of these projects has propelled the demand of the quality construction equipment.


Q. Brief more on CASE India’s innovations and technology uses for the product upgradation; and aftermarket service?

For CASE India, innovation and technology adoption are the key elements for incorporating new ideas into its construction equipment range.

CASE India has tech-supported sensor enabled machinery which helps understand signals and patterns to deploy real-time solutions, cut costs, prioritize preventative maintenance and prevent unplanned downtime.

For example-

CASE India’s construction equipment range has been using new-generation engine - developed by CNH Industrial subsidiary FPT Industrial, the world-leading manufacturer of engines, transmissions and powertrains – providing outstanding performance, fast response time and best-in-class fuel economy.

Range of versatile soil compactor’s has a technology infused, Compaction meter: where on screen operator can check amplitude, frequency and ICV (intelligence compaction value) which is related to density of soil compacted. This ICV value will be different for different surface. Once desired density is achieved, it indicates a green signal on screen so that the operator can stop compaction and can avoid over compaction. Hence this can save fuel, time and avoiding damage to surface.

CASE India’s recent upgraded - Eagle Eye Telematics System, a real time vehicle tracking and communication based on GPS technology which can help keep a track of your machines. For example, if the fuel box is empty or the machine is working far away from its prescribed geographic area it automatically sends a message regarding the same to the concerned person hence controlling the overall activity of a machine.


Q. What would be the opportunities that the Case Construction going to grab in coming events and exhibitions?

Most awaited and sought-after event of the CE industry in the country is scheduled for 11-14th December. Platforms like Bauma give private players an opportunity to showcase their strong product portfolio to the stakeholders and engage with the industry veterans. We, at CASE India, look forward to grab this opportunity to showcase our new products to a wide audience and understand the pulse of the customers. The gathered insight will further help us in developing our future products.


Q. As recently opened owned showroom in NCR; what would be your expectations in nearly future, your aim from this initiative and share the list which showcased at the launched?

With the massive investment going into the infrastructure development in the country, we foresee an encouraging growth of approximately 10% CAGR for construction equipment over the next 5 years. In order to tap the growing opportunities, we need to strengthen our existing network. Moving in the same direction we opened CASE NCR. This company owned showroom will play a key role in increasing the availability of our equipment and spare parts for our customers in the Northern region. Having sales, service and spare parts under one roof will certainly enhance overall customer experience for all our patrons in this market.

During the inaugural event, CASE India showcased its entire range of 752EX (9T Class) Vibratory Tandem Compactor and 450DX Mini Tandem Compactor (3T Class), Soil Compactor variants of 1107EX (11 T class, available in Standard, Drum Drive and Pad Foot Drum versions), 770 EX PRO, CASE 770 EX Magnum PRO and 851 EX PRO in its loader backhoe segment, 845B and 865B in the Motor Grader segment and Crawler Dozers models including, 1650L and 2050M in the 18 T and 20 T class.