Managing Director | Schwing Stetter India Pvt. Ltd.


Schwing Stetter Sales and Services Private Limited, Convenor for Membership committee, ICEMA, Chairman of Mechanisation committee, Builders Association of India.


Schwing Stetter India expects Bauma Conexpo India to be very good as we have identified the right products, tested it and we are bringing it to the expo for the customer review in the exhibition. We have especially invited our customers across the country to come and visit our stall.


Q. Kindly describe about the journey of Schwing Stetter as a Construction Equipment Manufacturer and its success mantra?

Schwing Stetter India was started on 18th June 1998. This is the 20th year since the inception. Excellent experience of using Schwing Stetter India equipment by our customers and in delighting, satisfying and servicing the customer have been our success mantra.


Q. Please share the details of Concrete batching plant, Concrete pumps, specialized equipment and other equipment?

Schwing Stetter India’s list of products are as below:

Concrete Pumps:

• Flat gate valve : BP 350/ SP 1800/SP 2800

• Concrete Pumps: SP 1015 D / HD / SP 1200/ SP 1200 HD / SP 1420 D / SP 1400/ SP 1600/SP 1800/SP1807/SP 2000/SP2509/SP2800

• Heavy duty concrete pumps: SP 3000/ SP 3500/ SP 4507/ SP 4800/ SP 8800

• Line Pumps: LP 350/ SPL 1200/SPL1400/ SPL1400VE / SPL1800

• Truck mounted concrete pumps: S17 / S20 / S36X / S43 SX

• Separate placing Boom: SPB 25/32/35

• Shotcrete pumps: TSR 30.14 /TSM 30.14/TSM 20.8/ BPN 300 RE

• Transit Mixer with Pump TMP32.6

Concrete Batching Plants:

• Mobile batching plant : CP 18/ CP18 TM

• Compact Batching plant : CP 30/ CP 45

• Mobile Mixing plants: M30Z/ M25Z/ M21Z/M1/M1.25/M2.25/M 2.5/M3

• Horizontal concrete mixing plants: HN2 to HN4/H5 TO H6 /H1.25/H1J/H1JR

Concrete Mixer Capacities:


• Nimo


• Mobile concrete conveyor – F12

• Recycling plant RA12/RA20

• Performance maintenance kit

• Rock valve

• Service centre

• Spares

• Chiller plant

• Weigh bridge

• RVH 18 - Circular distributors

• Electronics & Automation

• Sound Proof Canopies

• Rock Wear Parts

Sludge Pump Systems:

• Muck Pumps

• Waste Water Treatment Plant

• Sludge Pump Technology

Self-Loading Mixers:

SLM2200/SLM4000 (Slewing and Non – Slewing)


Q. As a concreting equipment manufacturer; describe your latest set up and how you think that the investment will boost up the company’s revenue?

Schwing Stetter India has a massive expansion plan and will be investing about 350 crores in two phases towards installing a technology-enabled and environmentally-sustainable manufacturing facility. The new site aims to focus on new product launches and support the progression of engineered products from the prototype stage to serial production.

The new manufacturing facility will be set up in Sipcot Industrial Area, Cheyyar, Thiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu which is 60 kms away from their existing facilities. The new unit, spreading over 53 acres, is a step towards strengthening Schwing Stetter’s commitment to the Indian market and focus on to meet the emerging infrastructure boom in India and export potential in Asia and African markets.


Q. How do you define the trend of construction equipment industry in India; what are the areas where you would like to address as that needs to grab the certain attentionfrom the Government point of view?

A steady surge in national highway construction projects has benefited the construction equipment market. In 2017-18, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) awarded 7,40 km of road projects, valued at Rs 1.2 trillion, an all-time high. In fiscal 2018, 28 km of roads were constructed every day, more than double of what it was done in 2014. India’s construction equipment industry is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 10% till 2021-22. This will spur major growth for the Construction Equipment sector given the demand to develop rural infrastructure. We have also aligned our products to suit key government projects Bharatmala, Sagarmala, DFCC, Clean India, Skill India, etc.

We hope the CEMM act comes into action with the support of the Government of India.


Q. What are your expectations from BaumaConexpo India 2018?

Schwing Stetter India expects Bauma Conexpo India to be very good as we have identified the right products, tested it and we are bringing it to the expo for the customer review in the exhibition. We have especially invited our customers across the country to come and visit our stall. Most of them have confirmed their participation wherein 30 products will be showcased which combines both existing and new innovative products. During the four-day event (December 11th-14th 2018), a range of new products will be launched at the Schwing Stetter India stall O.E07 in 2707 Sq. meters space which are as follows.

1. Schwing Stationary Concrete Pump SP 1420 D RMC.

2. Stetter Batching Plant M3 – Compartment Batcher.

3. Stetter Super Seven Standard Concrete Transit Mixer.

4. Stetter Self Loading Mixer SLM 2200 NSV.

5. Stetter Self Loading SLM 4000 NSV.

6. XCMG Wheel loader LW180K ARAI.

7. XCMG Wheel loader LW300FV ARAI.

8. XCMG Wheel loader ZL 50GV ARAI.

9. XCMG Horizontal directional drilling machine HDD XZ120 E.

10. XCMG All Terrain crane XCA220.

11. XCMG Cold Milling Machine XM1003K.

In addition to this, Schwing Stetter India has launched Stetter batching plant M25 Z, Super six transit mixers and Schwing IoT Ready, IoT In and IoT Abled in this year.


Q. Schwing Stetter India is a brand name; how you define yourself among your competitors in the market?

Schwing Stetter India defines itself amongst market competition with our Unique Selling Proposition (USP) such as

• Long service life.

• Lowest operating cost.

• Lowest fuel consumption.

• Strong service network.

• Anywhere parts support.

• Largest number of service centres in India.

• Strong design capability and product innovation in India.

• World class customer training support.