Managing Director’s | Quest Informatics Pvt. Ltd.

Satheesh Srinivasa

Quest informatics expertise in serving the fortune five hundred companies and huge domestic players and therefore stands an excellent chance to win over competitors, domestic or international. Our strategy is to easily communicate to the market that we tend to style the simplest and deliver as promised, we selectively participate in events where we could showcase new developments, inform and educate customers about new technology development and applications.


Q Quest has been recognized globally for its innovative and affordable solutions to address client’s challenges. After giving some contemporary solutions, what is your market reach in India as well as globally?

We are working with 40+ brands across different equipment manufacturer in different industries spanning extensively in India, we have made strong in-roads in North America and Europe, and we are looking forward for expansion in rest of the world in next 2-3 years.

OEMs, their Dealer & other stakeholders want to improve Service, Inventory, Sales, Training, CRM, Request/Complaint Management etc. However, data generated by several resources/systems and its integration to predict & proactively address business challenges on breakdown, inventory, and service related needs is a huge challenge. Extending legacy ERPs with emergent modular products and SMAC technologies is another challenge they face. Quest Informatics Solutions can be deployed on Web/Cloud, Mobile/Hand Held Devices, we provide customers options to Buy Licenses (Ownership), Subscribe Licenses (SaaS) and also provide unique engagement models like Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT).

Quest Informatics Solutions can communicate with IoT enabled Machines, Legacy ERP/Production Systems, provide BI Reports/MIS, provide pro-active/predictive solutions (AI/ML), Our Solutions connect People-Machines-Process-Systems.

After Market Products:

After Market ERP

• Enterprise class (OEM-region-country-dealer)

• Manage service, sales, spare parts, remanufacturing, rental, CSA across head office, region, dealer & branch offices.

• Multi-currency & multi-language support

• Field Service Management

• Mobile supported enterprise app (Offline-Online)

• Maximize first call effectiveness

• Prioritize calls based on SLA and other considerations

• Recommendation for next service, resource calendar

Maintenance contract or agreement, Service

• Schedules, machine, uptime and downtime etc.

• Maintenance scheduling and reminders for servicing, refueling etc.

• Planning of consumables/spare parts/service engineer based on date/period, HMR.


• Core, material, production management; plan, requirement & diagnosis

• Component value by tracking inventory, receivables, invoices, estimation efforts, scrap & salvaged parts.

• Dismantling and reassemble to deliver.

After Market Services: Customer Technical Publication

• Spare Parts Catalogue/ Information Management, PDM Activity,

• Service Information Management: Service Manual, Owner Manual, Operator Manual,

• Skill Development Council Publication etc.

Service/Parts Helpdesk/Contact Centre.

Delivery Controller/Material Controller Activity


Q How are you prepared to meet the diversified requirements from construction?

Quest Informatics is very closely connected to the construction industry and events like Bauma and EXCON help us meet them regularly, by participating in these shows our team is able to discuss with various stakeholders challenges they face and also explore possible solutions to meet diversified needs of the industry. We believe that we must keep up with the pace of the advancements happening in the construction industry and we proactively prepare our team well in advance before technologies change.


Q In which sectors your solutions are used and how much they have succeeded?

Quest Informatics Aftermarket Digital solutions covers, Equipment Manufacturers, Dealerships/Retailers, Customer and other stakeholders our portfolio includes consulting, products and services. Data driven and proactive decisions: our solutions help clients get current and accurate data/information from all stages and stakeholders. Whether it is about Customers, Machines, Dealers/Retailers, Service Teams, Parts Team, Sales Team, the decision makers are working with live data and basing their decision on hard facts.

Predictive analytics: Access to right and longitudinal information allows our clients to conduct predictive analysis and initiate proactive next steps to enhance customer experience.

Flexible Deployment models: Depending on capex and opex budgets of customer, can choose subscription models or Ownership models or BOT model based on customer comfort.

Quick Deployment: Strong Business Domain built in the products makes to possible for early deployment and see results from the solution implemented.

Efficiency, Time, Cost, Quality: Streamlined Processes, Workflow and connectivity to Customer, Machine and other stakeholders shall provide company executives focus on their core business, products and services, Solutions shall benefit in reduction on resources, cost benefits in travel, communication, time, training, First time right thus bring in Quality and Efficiency.

After Market Services: After Market services Parts/Service Helpdesk/Contact Centre, Parts Catalogue Maintenance, Technical Publication activities in Service Manuals, Method and Time study, Owner Manual, Operator Manual etc. helps our customers to focus on their core business and outsource the other activities to Quest Informatics.


Q What are your future plans on product and business expansions?

Aftermarket Digital solutions are helping our customers strategize on their growth with most accurate information and at the right time.

Construction Equipment’s Manufacturers, Material Handling OEM’s, Truck Manufacturers, heavy Equipment manufacturers demand for aftermarket consulting, products and solutions is only going to rise. Clients across industries are looking at AI/ML for predictive analysis of warranty, rentals or service rentals, BOTS or RPA for service automation and AR/VR applications for training and customer engagement.


Q How do you look at the competition and what is the strategy adopted by the company to face it effectively?

Quest Informatics experience of serving the fortune 500 and large domestic players stands a great stead against any competition, domestic or international. Also, Quest Informatics is an integrated player: we offer consulting, products, services and support to our clients. Most of the competition is just end point product companies with implementation support provided by partners with IT knowledge and with limited domain/industry expertise.

Our strategy is to simply communicate to the market that we design the best and deliver as promised. We selectively participate in events where we could showcase new development, inform and educate customers about new technology development and application and receive feedback in informal settings. We have invested in “thought leadership” seminars at Pune, Chennai, Rajkot and other cities to spread the industry best practices and new developments around aftermarkets. We have worked with industry associations, Chambers of commerce and institutions to spread the word.


Q How do you look at the government policies that affect the market scenario? According to you, what are the pros and cons of policies such as GST?

GST will benefit the industry in a long run, there are teething problems in the initial period, once GST stabilize companies will become more competitive as they save taxes and pass on the benefits to their customers, however the GST filing procedures need to be streamlined and simplified, frequent changes in GST rates and procedures need to be avoided.


Q How you are going to contribute in Bauma, 2018? Is there any product launch from your side in Bauma exhibition or does Bauma will help you to make profit?

In events like Bauma our prospects and customers are not only visitors but also exhibitors, Quest Informatics being part of the event help us closely understand the Equipment industry needs, requirements and challenges by interacting them and discuss on workable Aftermarket Digital solutions through our products, services & consulting, explore new opportunities in solving the problems if any.

We are looking forward to discuss responsive solution by intermixing Internet of things (IoT), Artificial intelligence (AI/ML), mobility and AR/VR this Bauma 2018, the primary objective of these solutions would help customers to get real time information from the equipment’s.