Managing Director | Epiroc Mining India Limited

Jerry Andersson

We do well and ensure that we constantly continue to stay ahead of competition in productivity and cost efficiency. Introduction of new technologies are one area that has already started.


Q. Epiroc is a spinoff of much larger brand Atlas Copco. What is the rationale behind establishing Epiroc?

Epiroc is a leading global productivity partner for the Mining, Infrastructure and natural resources industries. With the cutting-edge technology, Epiroc develops and produces innovative drill rigs and drill strings, rock excavation products and construction equipment. 

Together with our strong partner network, we also provide world-class solutions, service and consumables.

After a long history as a part of Atlas Copco Group, we are now ready for the future with a passion for making what’s good even better. Count on us to listen, collaborate and deliver the right solutions for you.

To get better focus! As Epiroc; we have our own board of directors and our own team which is focusing on what is essential for us.

Q. How far have you achieved the objective of establishing Epiroc?

In India, we have already established Epiroc, which signifies “at rock”. Globally we have listing on 18 June.

We are focused on mining, rock excavation, and natural resources. We have more than 13,000 employees across.

Q. The government has taken lot of initiative for the growth of mining sector in India? How are you leveraging the opportunities the mining sector offers?

Although here we have taken several initiatives but so far; it takes times to really have an impact in the market. For example, releasing mining licenses for land plots doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be a mine in near future.

Q. Competition is part and parcel of any business. What would be your strategy to increase your market share?

By focusing on improving what we already do well and ensure that we constantly continue to stay ahead of the competition in productivity and cost efficiency. Introduction of new technologies is one area that has already started.

Q. What are the new areas in technology that you are working on for the Indian mining sector?

In India several new technologies have recently been introduced. Our “Smart” series has recently introduced that helps the operators perform in terms of drilling output at significantly lower fuel consumption. We recently started our CERTIQ introduction, a system that helps their owners to maximize the productivity by ensuring that they use their units in the most efficient way. This has been running globally for several years and we will be able to compare efficiency and help our customer to reach the same standards as other countries. Connected to this we will start introducing more and more technologies.

Q. How is Epiroc Mining India contributing to sustainability?

Being sustainable for us, this means to create new innovations that have less impact on the environment. Our working procedures have to constantly evolve so that impact on society and the environment is minimized for future generations. But sustainability is also about having strong ethics in our business and ensures that our people are safe and healthy. We contribute locally in “Water For All” programs” as well as other programs in India. This is a few things that we call sustainable. 

Q. What are the telematics solutions you provide to optimize performance?

Presently we use CERTIQ as described before, but also other systems are attached to the units today. 

Q. How are you addressing the severe shortage of skilled manpower in the mining equipment sector?

Today, we constantly retrain the staff which we hired. The attitude of the employee is far more important than skill. If people are willing to learn and put in the effort for it we can always retrain people.

Q. What are the after-sales services you offer?

In after sales market, there is a large variety of offerings, from regular inspections, audits, regular maintenance, to cost per hour/meter contracts. This is very much up to our customer and how they will use their equipment that we customize our offering. There is no “one-size-fits-all” in this area.

Q. What are your short-term and long-term growth plans for Epiroc Mining India? Is there an expansion or new plant or product launch in the offing?

We have plans to expand both product portfolio of products for short-term (this year) and continue in coming years. “Made in India” is an important concept for us which will require expansion plans in our plants as well.