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GS Caltex India focusses on futuristic portfolio in upcoming Excon 2019

December 27, 2019

In the upcoming Excon  starting 10th December 2019 in Bangalore ,  GS Caltex will be focusing on showcasing its readiness with futuristic portfolio to address BS VI norms for Construction and Mining sector . OEMs have been under considerable pressure to offer engines that are more durable , more fuel efficient and produce less emissions than before . New legislative mandates along with exhaust after-treatment system and engine hardware changes are working together to create harsher conditions in which lubricant is operating and has its effects on overall performance of the oil . 

To maximize lubrication effectiveness, minimize cost and reduce the risk of application-induced failure, the appropriate choice of lubricant is essential and needs to be determined by the nature of the environment in which it will be used. Different types of lubricants excel at various uses, depending on their precise combination of ingredients and formulation. 

The need for lubricant marketers to meet more stringent regulatory standards and challenging specifications is growing by the day .  The ongoing shift to higher quality automotive lubricants is driven mainly by the automobile industry's increasingly demanding requirements such as severe vehicle emission standards. Industrial demand is also moving towards HVI hydraulic fluids and high oxidation stability turbine oils. 

Since more than 80% of the content of lubricants consists of base oil, higher quality base oil is essential in producing higher quality lubricants. GS Caltex Group II/III base oil can give the optimal solution for top quality lubricants which conventional base oils are not able to provide

Research and Development is the core strength of GS Caltex in developing product competitiveness for lubricants and polymers. GSC R&D facility is located near Seoul in South Korea which has developed many award winning lubricants to forge partnerships with major OEMs and Key Accounts .

We will be showcasing our futuristic portfolio of  engine oils  meeting API CK4 and FA4 categories with our own Kixx Lubo Base Oils . Recently we launched Kixx HDX CK-4 15W-40 and Kixx HD1 CK4 10W30 which  are  high-performance heavy-duty premium quality engine oils  exceeding  industry and engine manufacturers’ performance requirements. These are formulated using advanced additive technology to provide outstanding protection for on- and off-highway applications, including GHG 17 and EPA 2010 compliant engines of on-highway diesel vehicles using ultra low sulphur diesel (ULSD), as well as 2014 compliant engines for off-highway diesel vehicles. These oils meets API CK-4 category of heavy duty application  specifically formulated for 2017 greenhouse gas (GHG 17) compliant diesel engines designed to meet lower CO2 emissions and improved fuel economy, in addition to EPA 2010 compliant low emission diesel engines with selective catalytic reduction (SCR), diesel particulate filter (DPF) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems. These oils are  fully compatible with previous engine models and previous API oil service categories like API CJ-4, CI-4 Plus, CI-4  and CH-4.


GS Caltex India Pvt Ltd : Stall No K252 , Hall 4 , Indoor Exhibition , Excon 10th Edition , BIEC Bangalore ( 10th -14th Dec 2019 )





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