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Concrete Batching Plant

November 10, 2018

Rajinder Raina | Sr. Vice President Macons Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

India is the second largest producer of cement in the world. No wonder, India’s cement industry is a vital part of its economy. Ever since it was deregulated in 1982, the Indian cement industry has attracted huge investments, both from Indian as well as foreign investors. India has a lot of potential for development in the infrastructure and construction sector and the cement sector is expected to largely benefit from it. Some of the recent major initiatives such as development of 98 smart cities are expected to provide a major boost to the sector. The housing and real estate sector is the biggest demand driver of cement, for about 65 per cent of the total consumption in India. The other major consumers of cement include public infrastructure at 20 per cent and industrial development at 15 per cent. India’s total cement production capacity is nearly 455 million tonnes, as of 2017-18. Cement consumption is expected to grow by 4.5 per cent in FY19 supported by the pick-up in the housing segment and higher infrastructure spending. The industry is currently producing 280 MT for meetings its domestic demand and 5 MT for exports requirement.

On the back of growing demand, due to increased construction and infrastructural activities, the cement sector in India has seen many investments and developments in recent times.

According to data released by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), cement and gypsum products attracted Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) worth US$ 5.26 billion between April 2000 and June 2018. Due to the increasing demand in various sectors such as housing, commercial construction and industrial construction, cement industry is expected to reach 550-600 Million Tonnes Per Annum (MTPA) by the year 2025.

The above details put the concreting equipment industry in perspective. The facts & data detailed above can be used straightaway to extrapolate the future of concreting industry in India in the near future & thereafter.

To further understand, the concreting equipment market, it would be pertinent to know that Concreting Equipment comprises approximately 11% of the total volume, which is very nearly a 100,000 units per annum now. By value, it comprises about 10% of INR 3.5Bn currently.

As the pre-fabricated concrete segment grows viz-a-viz in-situ casting, batching plants will grow proportionately more than transit mixers, concrete pumps & boom placers.

We at Macons offer a complete range of Concrete Batching plants:--

1/Mobile Concrete Batching/Mixing Plant: MA—12/15/20/25cum/hr.

2/MAC Concrete Batching Mixing Plant---Available in 25/30/45/60/75/112/125 cum/hr capacity.

3/Horizontal Concrete Batching Plant--- Available in 45/60/75/90/120…240cum/hr capacity.

There are multiple players in India offering Concrete Batching plants. Macons was the first one to offer complete range of Make in India batching plants through technology purchase agreement from Europe. This technology was used to develop the prototypes & the first batch of plants for sale in the Indian market. The core philosophy with which Macons was set up was to develop products in India for the Indian markets & keep on improving the product to make it compete in the international market. The localization of our batching plants was started early through our in house R&D after getting inputs, from various sites, regarding the application processes, the gaps between the imported equipment deliverables & Indian needs, the compatibility to Indian site conditions, the user expectations & above all the operator feedback. Over the period of time the Macons series of batching plants evolved as the best products for Indian applications & operator ease & friendliness/comfort

To quickly sum up the USPs of Macons’ offerings:

The aggregates: Best in class.

Fabricated components: Heavy duty/rolled/special alloys steel. No structural failures.

Modular Design: Minimum installation/commissioning time, ease of transport.

Compact design: Smaller foot print,lesser foundation civil work.

Longer life of wear & tear parts:Lost cost of maintenance per unit output.

Minimum cost of operation per unit output delivered. Highest productivity in class with best quality mix output.

The types/variety of mixers is the widest & the optional offered are the choicest. It is this combination that makes us offer ‘Macons solution’ best suited for your site/applications. We help you pick the best combination to keep the cost of owning & operations low with deliverables matching up to your requirements. We offer precisely per your job requirement.

With our ears to the ground, we at Macons, keep tweaking our Batching Plant offerings as per the changing practices at various Indian sites. Our batching plants are working with some of the best known companies in India & their continued patronage of our products is the proof of performance. Macons Batching plants find equal favour with fleet owners, hirers & first time buyers/users. Our tie ups with various financers, Banks & NBFCs, make financing easy for the retail hirers in particular. Our dealer network is dovetailed with our service network to deliver after sales which is commensurate with the customer expectations; however we are planning to scale up our network in the coming months to match up our growth plan.


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