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Daya Charan & Company

October 20, 2018

Daya Charan & Company is a pioneer within all the bulldozer service providers with such a prodigious and rich experience of more than 50 years in the construction industry. They plan and act in the long-term and with foresight. Offering a broad spectrum of professional opportunities, the objectives and goals revolve around the needs of both – employee and client comfort.

Sales of New Technology Bulldozers

Hiring of Bulldozers and other HEMM

Hiring of Bulldozers and other HEMM

O&M (Operation & Maintenance) and other contractual work.

Fleet Management of Bulldozers and other HEMM

Being a major player in the construction industry, DCC group plays a vital role in extending their hand in successfully completing the improved construction projects including the constructions of roads, bridges, flyovers etc. DCC stands as a highly renowned vendor in the bulldozer market and construction industry and currently owns more than 50 bulldozers and other heavy earthmoving equipment with a rich and exquisite set of customers including both private firms and government construction companies & municipal corporations. They have worked on various projects including road projects with AFCONS, Government projects with Municipal Corporation Gurugram and building airports with GMR group. With a positive attitude to learn something new each day they have gained a wealth of product related knowledge and thus cover all prime equipment and services for heavy earth moving machines. Proven best for their quality of service and having grown day by day, they have earned a masterly reputation in this industry.

The company possesses high-tech and high-precision bulldozers, becomes the leading supplier of bulldozer services for many famous international companies as well. They have the dealership of new technology HBXG bulldozers in India with exclusive Pan India Marketing, Sales and Service tie-up with their manufacturer - HBXG . HBXG bulldozers are known for their highly advanced features and technologies that make their existence worthy. It is the pioneer in track bulldozer manufacturing in China with a history dating back more than 60 years and has been continuously capturing a domestic bulldozer market share of over 30% in China and is listed among 500 biggest state-owned companies. By this incorporation, DCC shares the advantages of HBXG with respect to advance technology bulldozers, paving the way & solid foundation for rapid development of the industry.

Heavy machines like bulldozers are put to use in construction, mining and earthmoving projects. With powerful Cummins engine these elevated sprocket HBXG bulldozers are known for their endurance on field. They are equipped with easy maintenance transmission system, LED lights, suspended rollers and ROPS air conditioned cabin.

A particular machine with varied attachments for each segment –

1. SD6N Bulldozer – 182 HP, 17 Tons

2. SD7N Bulldozer – 248 HP, 24 Tons

3. SD8N Bulldozer – 345 HP, 32 Tons

Bulldozer for Solid Waste & Landfill

Designed exclusively to work in Landfills, this bulldozer is equipped with Solid Waste Blade that enables the machine to shift more waste than standard blades while triangular track plates or LGP (Low ground pressure) plates provide smooth movement to the bulldozer, overall increasing the efficiency of the machine. Two models of landfill bulldozers:

1. SD6NHW Bulldozer – 182HP, 17 tons approx.

2. SD7NHW Bulldozer – 248 HP, 24 tons approx.

Tempered by economic reality, equipment will be refined with necessity driving the design and development just as it has from the beginning. That is the past and future of heavy construction equipment development. Whether self-performing or subcontracting the work it is important to match the right machine or combination of machines to the work that needs to be performed.

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