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July 17, 2018

“Success is what comes to you with progressive efforts, optimal attitude and strong yet firm foundation. Nothing happens just in the name of a miracle, you have to MAKE IT HAPPEN.”

With the responsibility of an ever-growing industry, potential workforce and quality in volume, Daya Charan & Company stands sustainably as one of the largest service providers of construction machines in the country. They believe in INNOVATION, IDEAS & IMPLEMENTATION to create a plethora of products with quality being the base line. Customer orientation makes the soul of the organisation and it covers all the major domains of BULLDOZER MARKET.

The Group was founded by the great visionary; Shri Daya Charan Aggarwal in 1966 with the objective to serve the construction industry. They plan and act in the long-term and with foresight. Offering a broad spectrum of professional opportunities, the objectives and goals revolve around the needs of both – employee and client comfort.

·         Sales of New Technology Bulldozers

·         Hiring of Bulldozers and other HEMM

·         Stockists of Spare Parts of Bulldozers and other HEMM

·         O&M (Operation & Maintenance) and other contractual work.

·         Fleet Management of Bulldozers and other HEMM

The company’s history and journey of more than 50 glorious years speaks for the expertise they have. Commenced the journey as a small player with spare parts dealer; and since then the road to expansion and diversification has made them the market leaders of the industry and has helped them learn the value of client relationships, finesse and excellence, and moreover has given them the zeal to serve with a sense of responsibility. When it comes to products and designs, thoughts along with creativity blended with facts of science goes into the making; thanks to a team of 100+ remarkable and expert employees who have made every bit worth it.

Coming straight from the manufacturer who deals exclusively in Bulldozers for more than half a century, Daya Charan & Company has introduced different models of HBXG bulldozers falling in the range of 180-340 HP with a premier Pan-India dealership. They highlight the advancement in these bulldozers and how well they can benefit the construction industry, including even the minor features of the equipment which contributes to achieving higher throughput.

Some of the new bulldozers list includes:

·         SD8N Bulldozer – 345 HP, Weight – 32 tons approx.

·         SD7N Bulldozer – 248 HP, Weight – 23 tons approx.

·         SD6N Bulldozer – 182 HP, Weight – 17 tons approx.

SPECIAL MACHINE - Solid waste & landfill bulldozer


Designed exclusively to work in Landfills, this bulldozer is equipped with Solid Waste Blade that enables the machine to shift more waste than standard blades while triangular track plates or LGP (Low ground pressure) plates provide smooth movement to the bulldozer, overall increasing the efficiency of the machine. Two models of landfill bulldozers:

·         SD6NHW Bulldozer – 182HP, 17 tons approx.

·         SD7NHW Bulldozer – 248 HP, 24 tons approx.


Highlighting features of these machines are the elevated sprocket design, Cummins engine, LED lights,Joystick control, Easy maintenance transmission system, 360-degree view & ROPS cabin, suspended rollersincluding even the minor features of the equipment which contributes to achieving higher throughput.

1.  Elevated Sprocket Design - Apart from normal sprocket design, HBXG bulldozers have elevated sprocket design that offers excellent stability and balance to the bulldozer. It strongly supports in eliminating frequent failures of the final drive system, hence allows the machine to work harder and last longer even in the most inhospitable conditions. An elevated Sprocket transfer implement shock loads to the main frame and allows the sprockets, final drives, axles and steering components to perform better by isolating them from absorbing excessive load. This modular design provides more torque to the machine and enables it to have bigger and broader blade in size.

2. Easy Maintenance Transmission System - Use of multiple gear teeth instead of a single tooth increases the system endurance to engine torque by evenly distributing the applied forces. Due to the elevated sprocket design, quick transmission repair & maintenance is possible by opening it from the rear end of the bulldozer.

3.  Cummins Engine - Highly reliable Cummins engine support offers better fuel efficiency, lesser noise and low emissions capability make its use environment friendly than its competitors.

4.  Joystick Control & Led Lights - joystick control offers a high degree of precision. LED Lights provide increased illumination with better durability, fuel efficiency and a low maintenance cost. Their less power consumption enables to use low voltage alternator generator in the bulldozer machine.

5.  ROPS and 360-degree view cabin with air conditioner - An ROPS (Roll Over Protection System) ensures the operator's safety in event of a mishap. Offers clear and operator friendly line of sight.

6.   Suspended rollers - Provides operator comfort and makes travel across jobsites faster by easily driving over small bumps, rocks and debris or uneven land.

DCC deals in bulldozers, its spare parts and all related services. This group has a masterly reputation in the construction & development industry and serve:

1.    Quality - The bulldozers are well tested from fore to aft before they play their role in the field. They are leading and famous in the field with a pan India network and have acquired a name in the service sector as well.

2.    Service - They have developed a network of highly skilled and knowledgeable field workers and engineers with their long walk in the industry.

3.    Commitment - Highly committed to their work responsibility they are always available for support and solutions to queries.


This group is one of the major players of renting construction equipment and currently owns more than 50 bulldozers and other heavy earthmoving equipment. They hold an experience of working with their esteemed clients from Government departments, municipal corporations as well as highly recognized private sector companies in different fields of construction.



For further information, contact:

Daya Charan and Company


M: 91-729 004 9004


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