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Epiroc launches Blasthole Drill IBH 10 and Mine Truck 436B for Mining Operations.

November 10, 2018

Epiroc, a global productivity partner for mining, infrastructure and natural resources industries, launched today Blasthole Drill IBH 10 with advanced features and Mine Truck MT436B, to boost surface mining/construction and underground mining /heavy civil construction applications.

The two machines were launched at IMME 2018, Kolkata by Mr. S. K. Bhattacharya, Director of Hindustan Copper Limited.

The IBH 10 is an old warhorse in the Indian Mining segment that is very popular among the Limestone mining operators. The New IBH10 comes with a more powerful

Diesel engine ,a more ergonomically designed operator’s cabin complying to all the DGMS safety norms for drills and also with an optional 6 meters mast feature for single pass drilling, requirement in coal OB.

The Mine Truck MT436B comes with unique features including Jacobs engine brake, automatic engine over-speed protection, electric transmission shift control and converter lockups. The truck is designed to facilitate fast, proactive and efficient service. Its centralised lubrication technique improves the component life while the driver’s cabin is ergonomically designed for easy access of the controls. The MT436B can upload up to 32.6 metric tonnes and can be equipped with a Teletram dump box to push material off horizontally.

Both these units are being manufactured at Epiroc Mining India Limited’s production facility at Nashik, under Government of India’s ‘Make in India’ vision.

Epiroc India Managing DirectorJerry Andersson said,we are positively building India for a better tomorrow. The Epiroc IBH10 drill is a crawler mounted, Hydraulic powered, self-contained and self-propelled Blasthole drill rig, designed to perform down the hole drilling operations in the toughest mining conditions.It has been given a major facelift in terms of increase productivity, safety, operators comfort and looks.

On Mine Trucks, he added, that Mine Trucks are used extensively at underground mines across the world and form an integral part of the mining industry. With its innovative design,it incorporates unique features such as easy access to service points as well as ergonomic seating and controls to increase productivity. The Mine Truck MT 436B is a highly superior and dependable vehicle for underground mining operations.

Additional benefits

IBH 10

Safety First: The New IBH 10 complies to all the safety requirement as prescribed by DGMS such as AFSS, FOPS Cabin , Dust suppression system and audio visual safety compliances etc.

Maximum Productivity: Mounted with more powerful Atlas Copco 600 cfm / 250 psi compressor, the productivity is expected to increase in the tune of 30% with respect to the older model of this drill.

Ergonomic work environment: Redesigned operators cabin is ergonomically designed with controls and gauges within easy reach and visibility that increases productivity.

MT 436B

Safety first: The Mine Truck MT436B has many built-in safety features such as ISO, ROPS and FOPS-approved driver’s compartment, SAHR brakes, articulation safety lock, dump box safety support stand, rear camera and audio-visual reverse alarm.

Maximum productivity: The easy to operate Mine Truck MT436B is built with well-tested, reliable systems and components that have been continually refined through years of real work experience.

Ergonomic work environment: The comfortable driver’s compartment is ergonomically designed with controls and gauges within easy reach that increases productivity.

Epiroc Mining India Limited has state-of-the-art factories at Nashik and Hyderabad, also had a world-class engineering centre in Bengaluru. It also has Sales and Regional Offices across the country and a strong channel partner network and over 1600+ employees in India supporting and collaborating with customers in more than 150 countries.


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