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About Us

CONSTRUCTION MIRROR - "An outlook of the construction Equipment & Infrastructure Industry" is a monthly magazine. Each issue of construction mirror consists of interviews of Top executives of successful companies who share their best practises and views on important issues of industry. These issues include important topics such as engineering and technology, project funding, labour issues, liability, regulations and the environment.

Readers of CONSTRUCTION MIRROR are the leaders of construction Equipment & Infrastructure which includes project procurement managers, purchase heads, consultants, contractors, executives as well as public and private project owners and regulators. CONSTRUCTION MIRROR provides unique platform to the top companies to advertise in.

CONSTRUCTION MIRROR covers all the aspects of the construction Equipment & Infrastructure industry such as residential, industrial and commercial buildings, roads, bridges and other heavy construction projects

Mission & Vision

To provide latest and up-to-date information on the happenings in the industry along with technology development, information on new product launches, growth opportunities and emerging trends for the different sectors of the electrical and power industry. Eventually, providing an excellent platform for advertising and branding building.